Take the cadillac for a test drive

I recently took delivery of a new piece of equipment that several clients have commented resembles a torture device. “It’s a bit Fifty Shades of Grey,” one of them remarked. In fact it’s a Pilates tower – an attachment for the reformer that will enable clients to perform 95 per cent of the exercises traditionally performed on the cadillac.

The full studio cadillac is a large piece of equipment comprised of a raised platform with a pole at each corner and rails along the top known as the canopy. It has an assortment of detachable equipment including springs, bars and a trapeze, which gives it its other name, the trapeze or trap table.

Joseph Pilates developed the first cadillac when he was interned on The Isle of Man during the First World War. Working with fellow prisoners in the sick bay, he attached springs to their bed frames to enable them to perform rehabilitation exercises. The equipment was further developed and christened the cadillac after Pilates moved to New York in the 1920s.

In the photograph below you can see Joe working with a client on the cadillac in his studio.



Exercises can be performed lying, standing or sitting and, like the reformer, the springs on the cadillac add variable resistance to an exercise. This can either increase the challenge or provide support depending on the purpose of each exercise and individual need.

Sadly, limited space in the studio means I simply can’t fit in a full cadillac (well, I could but there wouldn’t be much room for anything else) but the tower is a great option for clients at both beginner and intermediate levels. To see it in action have a look at Balanced Body’s short Tower of Power video.

So if you’re looking for a new challenge or simply want to try something different, do get in touch and book in a session.



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