Spring into 2017!

New Year, new equipment! We’ve just installed four Pilates springboards in the studio. These fantastic pieces of kit are a great way to experience the benefits of the studio equipment. If you enjoy the mat, then you’ll love the springboard.

Springboard Evolution – the Cadillac

Joe Pilates working out on the Cadillac

Joe Pilates working out on the Cadillac

The cadillac, also known as the trapeze or trap table, evolved from the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates while he was working with hospital patients during the First World War.

It consists of a raised platform with vertical metal poles at each corner, connected at the top by a rectangular frame of poles known as the canopy. Attached to this are various pieces of equipment including the roll down bar, push through bar, arm and leg springs, fuzzier (sheepskin loops attached to the canopy for hanging and stretching exercises) and the eponymous trapeze.

The cadillac is a large piece of equipment and is therefore most frequently used in private sessions. Much of the exercise repertoire, however, can be performed on a reformer with a tower conversion or a wall unit such as the springboards.

Anatomy of the Springboard

There are many tower and wall units on the market. The springboards I’ve chosen for the studio have been designed for Balanced Body by master Pilates teacher, Ellie Hermann.

They consist of a wooden boards attached to the wall which take up a minimal amount of space but still enable users to perform a wide range of exercises.

The springboards have leg and arm springs and roll down bars. These are attached to eye bolts on the side of the board and can be adjusted according to the needs of each participant. There’s also a push through bar which can also loaded with variable spring tension.

Springboard Benefits

  • Like the other pieces of studio equipment, the springboard provides and individual with feedback, increasing their sense of proprioception and awareness.
  • Depending on the purpose of the exercise, the springs can provide assistance or an additional challenge.
  • The springboard develops both strength and flexibility.
  • Muscle groups can be trained in isolation – ideal for those with injuries, imbalances or training for a particular sport/activity.
  • The springboard can also provide an integrated, full-body workout.
  • It can facilitate and provide a deeper understanding of many of the matwork exercises.

The Springboard at Kinesis


The springboard repertoire is essentially the same as that performed on the tower so if you’re a one-to-one client, you’re probably already enjoying the benefits of these exercises. There are, however, a few differences so expect to give the springboards a test run over the next few weeks.

Because there are four springboards, I am now able to integrate the equipment into smaller, private sessions, bringing a whole new dimension to your Pilates practice.

I am planning to add some springboard classes to the timetable but the equipment is more complicated than the mat, I’ll be running some introductory workshops first. These will introduce you to some of the basic exercises and perhaps more importantly, the set up and safety procedures.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the springboard or signing up to a workshop, call me on 07932 625144 or email enquiries@kinesisfitness.co.uk

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