Six Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

At first glance, a personal trainer may seem like an expensive investment but, compared to that gym membership you don’t use or the expensive exercise bike now used as a clothes horse, it’s great value for money.

Here are six reasons for hiring a personal trainer.


Exercise can be confusing. Should you lift light weights or heavy, do you need to train for an hour or 20 minutes? Perhaps you’re new to fitness and don’t know where to start or, like thousands of others, you’re training regularly but aren’t making any progress. A personal trainer knows what will work for you and will write a programme designed to get the results you want.


You’re far less likely to skip an exercise session when you have your personal trainer waiting for you. A PT will also ensure you train to the best of your ability during the session, making sure you don’t give up when things get tough.


A lot of people fail to achieve the results they want because they lack motivation. Simply having somewhere standing next to you while you work out can be a powerful motivator but a personal trainer is much more than a training partner. A good PT will set goals for their clients, track their progress and coach them throughout the process.

Form and Safety

Good form is critical to results. A personal trainer will ensure you’re performing exercises with the correct technique. This will also help you to avoid the injuries that result from poor form. Beginners in particular will benefit from learning the correct way to execute an exercise but a few sessions with a PT can also be a useful refresher for experienced exercisers who may have fallen into bad habits.

Special Circumstances

A lot of people who hire personal trainers simply want to get fit and lose weight but there are others who need more specific help. A PT can be invaluable if you’re training for a sporting event such as a triathlon or marathon. They can also help with sports-specific programming aimed at improving performance. Perhaps you’re injured or have an illness that is affecting your ability to exercise. An experienced personal trainer will create a suitable programme.

Take control of your own fitness

A good personal trainer wants you to learn from your experience, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to exercise effectively on your own and take charge of your own fitness and wellbeing.

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