Review: Eat Nourish Glow by Amelia Freer

There’s one thing I particularly like about Amelia Freer’s new book, Eat Nourish Glow – her emphasis is on consistency rather than perfection. Busy lifestyles and conflicting advice about nutrition often make it difficult for us to make the right choices about food but here the focus is creating healthy habits. It’s okay to make a mistake or have a splurge once in a while as long as you get back on track and don’t use it as an excuse slip back into your old ways.

Amelia Freer is a London-based and much-sought-after nutritionist whose clients include James Corden and Boy George. Although it does contain a small selection of recipes, Eat Nourish Glow is is not a recipe book but an exposition of the author’s healthy eating philosophy.

The emphasis is not on calorie counting or weight loss but nourishing your body. By following Amelia’s advice you will most likely lose weight but you’ll also have more energy, look better and have a much healthier relationship with food.

Divided into 10 chapters, it sets out simple steps for changing your relationship with food such cutting out snacking, staying hydrated and re-thinking your attitude towards fat and sugar.

Perhaps one of the most useful sections is The Kitchen Detox which advocates throwing out all the junk food and re-stocking with healthy alternatives. The chapter includes a handy “ditch and switch guide to shopping” that makes suggestions for more nutritious, unprocessed foods.

As a fitness professional the use of the phrase ‘gentle movement therapy’ instead of exercise did leave me feeling a little queasy but I heartily agree with her when she says, “the best kind of exercise is the one that you enjoy… so long as you are challenging yourself out of your comfort zone when doing it.”

Eat Nourish Glow doesn’t offer anything earth-shatteringly new but it is clearly and convincingly written, full of useful information. If you’re confused about healthy eating or would simply like to be better informed, this a great place to start.

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