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Review: A Modern Way to Eat

I’m not a vegetarian but I’ve been exploring vegetarian food recently thanks to a plethora of veggie cookbooks that have piqued my interest: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Plenty, River Cottage Veg everyday! and LEON Fast Vegetarian to name a few. My absolute favourite has to be Anna Jones’ book, A Modern Way to Eat, which has been in almost constant use since I bought it a couple of months ago.

It’s packed with delicious, healthy recipes that are relatively quick and easy to prepare. There’s an inventive use of ingredients and a focus on seasonal produce from sustainable sources. I’m particularly keen on the sections which provide a formula for creating your own recipes for all sorts of dishes from smoothies to pestos. A graduate of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, Jones is also a food stylist so the book is stunningly beautiful too.

Some of the recipes have already become a regular fixture in my diet: Overnight Bircher with Peaches, Chickpea and Preserved Lemon Stew and Kale and Black Sesame Sushi Bowl – a clean yet deeply comforting dish I’ve been making at least once a week now autumn is in full swing.

A Modern Way to Eat isn’t about depriving yourself or slavishly following a diet – it does, after all, contain a recipe for Salted Caramel Crack Brownies – but, with an emphasis on fresh, unprocessed ingredients, the recipes are nourishing, satisfying and good for you.

In the introduction to her book, Jones says: “Eating should be joyful and as soon as rules, pressure and diets are linked in with eating we lose track of that joy. While I eat healthily almost always, I also feel strongly that eating is one part of our brilliantly fallible humanness. So there is a place for the odd too-good-to-pass-up chewy salted caramel brownie alongside a clean bowl of grains and greens.”

I couldn’t agree more. So if you’re already a vegetarian and are looking for new recipes or someone who would like to introduce more meat-free meals into their diet, go out and grab yourself a copy.

Check out Anna’s blog for new recipes and updates.

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