Personal Training

Everyone can benefit from personal training. It is no longer the preserve of celebrities and the super-wealthy.

Kinesis provides high-quality personal training services that motivate and support clients to achieve their goals through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

We regard personal training as a partnership between the client and trainer and will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to take control of your own fitness and wellbeing.

We provide all the necessary equipment for a fun and challenging workout that combines strength training, cardiovascular work and stretching for maximum benefit.

Whether you are new to exercise or an experienced athlete, we will help you to define your goals and develop a programme that suits your needs, interests and lifestyle and is designed to achieve the results you want.

You may wish to improve sports performance, get in shape after having a baby, reduce stress or help manage your arthritis. You may prefer to train three times a week or once a month.

As you progress, we will ensure you remain challenged and motivated. We know it can sometimes be difficult to keep motivated we also provide complimentary email and telephone support to ensure you stay on track.

You can train alone or enjoy a workout with a friend or small group. Sessions may be bought individually or at a discount rate in packages of five or 10. You may mix and match Pilates and small group classes with personal training sessions.

Our flexible, personalised approach provides personal training solutions tailored to your lifestyle.