Outdoor circuit

Following on from last week’s post about outdoor training, here’s a simple total body circuit you can perform outside using only your surroundings as equipment. It mixes cardio and strength moves to give you a great workout.

Beginners should aim to spend 30 seconds on each exercise while more experienced exercisers should aim for one minute. Keep rest between exercises to a minimum and take no more than a two-minute break between circuits.

Try to repeat the circuit at least twice or more depending on your abilities and finish with a cool down eg gentle jogging on the spot and stretching.

As you become efitter,challenge yourself by increasing the amount of time spent on each exercise and reducing the rest period.

Warm up

Warm up with five minutes gentle cardio eg walking, light running. This will increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles.


The squat is one of the best exercises for toning the legs and burning off calories. Perform slowly and concentrate on good form for maximum benefits. Try wide-legged or plie squats for variety. If this is too easy, try the one-legged version.


Shadow boxing

Use jabs, hooks and uppercuts to work the upper body and waist and get your heart pumping.

Pull ups

Target your back by performing pull ups on a climbing frame or low hanging tree branch. Beginners should keep their feet on the ground.


Choose an object distance and run to it as fast as you can. Repeat for the allotted time period.

Press up

Beginners should start with a box press up and then progress to the full version. If you find it easy, try some variations such as lifting an arm and adding a rotation as you extend the elbows or super-slows, counting to five as you lower and again as you lift.

Step ups

Place one foot on a bench or step. Start with the knee and hip in a flexed position. As you extend, lift the supporting leg off the floor. Keep your back straight to really focus on the leg muscles.

Triceps dips

Stand with your back to a table or bench and place your hands on the edge, fingers facing forwards. Lower yourself towards the ground by bending your arms to 90 degrees. The further away your feet, the more difficult the exercise will be.

Star jumps

Remember them from school gym class? Perform them fast for a great cardio workout.

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