The Gratz reformer at Ett Hem

Is this the most stylish gym in the world?

I certainly think so although I’ve long been a fan of Ilse Crawford who designed this space for the Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm.

Over the years I’ve been to a lot of gyms housed in grotty, warehouse-type spaces where the smell of stale sweat makes you out of breath before you’ve even stepped on the treadmill. At the other end of the scale you have the modern gym, all glaring lights and migraine-inducing bright colours.

This space is the antithesis of both. I’m not sure how practical it is as we can’t see the rest of it from the way the picture’s cropped but I love the look – the dark wall, the vintage wall bars and  stool and the leather medicine ball.

I’m not in the Ilse Crawford league but I do have a qualification in interior design and thought a lot about the kind of space I wanted to create when I designed the studio.

Firstly, it had to be practical so I chose a sprung wooden sports floor, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and water fountain. The steel beams provide anchor points for the TRXs and heavy bag while a vintage steel locker and wall storage keep most of the equipment tidied away.

The bifold doors and roof lights let in lots of natural light. Artificial light is provided by vintage, industrial lighting while reclaimed wood adds a bit of rustic character.  DoorsMirrors


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