How to train like an Olympian

The Olympics are in full swing and while you may not be as fast as Usain Bolt, when it comes to training, you can learn a lot from him and his fellow Olympians. Here are our top tips for training like an Olympian.

Goal setting
Athletes spend years preparing for the Olympics. Their training schedules are planned months in advance with very specific performance goals in mind. While that’s not necessary for most of us, everyone can benefit from a proper training schedule whether they’re training for their first triathlon or simply want to lose a few pounds.

Do the time
Olympic athletes train for hours each day. You may not be an Olympian but If you want to see results you have to put in the time.

Nutrition and hydration
Eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of complex carbohydrates and lean protein. Everyone is different so learn how to time your meals to best fuel your activity and ensure optimal performance. Make sure you stay properly hydrated during and after your workout.

Rest and Recovery
It’s essential to give the body the time it needs to repair muscle and tissue broken down during training. Get plenty of sleep, invest in a regular sports massage or spend some time working on the foam roller.

Get professional help
A good coach is a key factor in any athlete’s success. A coach or personal trainer will help you with goal setting, programming and motivation.

Perfect your technique
Great technique is key to performance whatever your sport or activity. Master the basics and you’ll not only perform better but will also reduce your chance of injury.

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