GapFit review

I’m always on the lookout for new training gear (don’t you find you work out harder when you’re wearing new clothes?) so I’ve been dying to try the GapFit range since it launched last year. Unfortunately, living in Penzance means I rarely make it to a branch of Gap but last week I was in Exeter and decided to treat myself.

I’ve tried dozens of activewear brands over the last few years and these days most of my workout gear is from Lululemon with a smattering of Sweaty Betty. I know Lulu is expensive but I’ve found the pieces that work for me. The fit is excellent, they perform well and, above all, they last. In fact I’m still wearing stuff I bought four years ago when I was living in Oz but I’m always open to new ideas.

The GapFit clothes are made for a range of activities and are divided into different categories accordingly – Run, Train Studio. They’re designed for performance with hi-tech, sweat-wicking fabrics and boast design features found on more expensive brands such as flat lock seams to prevent chafing and zipped pockets for storing essentials.


The range has great patterns and fabrics


The colours and designs look great and, to be honest, I had a hard time choosing just a few pieces. Even better was the price. Leggings for £29.95, a T-shirt for £16.95. I also struck lucky with a ‘Buy one, get on half price’ offer which meant I also purchased a bra and a jacket for the grand total of £94.84.

So far, so good but how about fit and performance? The bra is a great fit and nicely supportive while the T-shirt is made from a gorgeous fabric and feels very comfortable. The jacket is a success too, perfect for keeping warm when I’m standing around teaching and it has the details I love on my more expensive gear such as thumbholes.

The only slight disappointment was the GFast leggings. They look amazing and have an incredibly flattering fit but kept slipping down as I sweated my way through an intense workout. At one point I was heading dangerously close to ‘builder’s bum’ and had to keep hitching them up between burpees. I managed to avoid over-exposure by tightening the drawcord up and I now can’t undo it. It’s not a major problem – just a bit irritating – and isn’t something I’ve encountered with other workout pants.

After a sweaty workout, I put everything through the wash and it came out looking like new. I’d been a bit concerned about the orange bra as I’d had colour bleeds with bright colours from other brands (are you listening Lululemon?) but it was absolutely fine.

The verdict? Great workout gear at a reasonable price. I’ll definitely be buying more.

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