Free Fitness Taster Sessions

You’re probably thinking about your New Year exercise regime; I know I am. Santa brought me the new Insanity Max 30 DVDs for Christmas but what’s your plan? Are you going to join a gym, start a new exercise class or just try to be a bit more disciplined about what you’re already doing?

January is traditionally the time when people start new fitness regimes. The New Year marks a new start and an opportunity to start working off all those extra Christmas calories. Come January 1st, gyms everywhere are bursting at the seams but by the end of the month a lot of newcomers have given up and the same old faces are left in peace to lift their weights or pound the treadmill.

People start the New Year with good intentions but good intentions aren’t always enough. Quite often they have unrealistic expectations, don’t see the results they want or simply haven’t chosen the right activity to keep them motivated.

This January, I’m offering some free fitness taster sessions at Kinesis to give people the opportunity to try something new and see what the studio has to offer. So if you’ve always fancied Pilates or want to see the incredible benefits of suspension training, now is your chance.

Taster sessions will be running on the following dates. Places are strictly limited and must be booked in advance.

Pilates Matwork

Tuesday, January 6th at 10am and Tuesday, January 13th at 6pm

Fit Forever

Monday, January 5th at 11am and Tuesday, January 13th at 10am

Suspension Training

Tuesday, January 6th at 6pm, Monday, January 12th at 11am

To book a place please call me (Christen) on 07932625144 or email

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