Fitness websites: a few of my favourites

Whether you want to try a new workout, perfect your squats, learn a bit more about nutrition or are simply curious, there are thousands of health and fitness sites from which to choose. Here are a few of my favourites.

Move Nourish Believe is the brainchild of Lorna Jane Clark, founder of the eponymous Lorna Jane activewear brand. Aimed at women, the website encapsulates the Aussie fitness guru’s Active Living philosophy. It’s packed with healthy recipes, meal plans, workout ideas and inspirational articles. Oh, yes and all that gorgeous photography really makes me miss my time in Oz.

Another one for the ladies, Healthista describes itself as “Smart. Useful. Real”. Founded by health journalist Anna Magee, it covers a wide range of topics from natural health to celebrity workouts. There are recipes, workouts, videos and some 30 day challenges that are a great way to add variety to your fitness routine and try something new.

Tired of reading how to get the perfect abs or the best workouts for burning calories? Spikes + Heels could be the blog for you. Moving away from the idea of exercise for weight loss, it focuses instead on how fitness makes you feel. There are interviews with real women who love fitness, reviews of everything from bikes to Tough Mudder and, of course, lots of pictures of lovely shoes because “Be pretty on rest days” is one of the site’s slogans.

Greatist is gargantuan – a seemingly never-ending source of information on every health and fitness topic under the sun. You can spend hours browsing and still only scratch the surface. If you only do one thing, make sure you sign up for the Greatist Workout of the Day which will give you access to a progressive strength and conditioning programme you can easily fit into your lifestyle.

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