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Understanding weight loss

Busy lifestyles often make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss pills and fad diets seem to offer a quick fix but research shows that 95 per cent of dieters regain the weight they lost within one to five years. The weight loss industry is worth billions of pounds yet obesity is increasing at a dramatic rate. According to a study published earlier this year, 67 per cent…

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Free Fitness Taster Sessions

You’re probably thinking about your New Year exercise regime; I know I am. Santa brought me the new Insanity Max 30 DVDs for Christmas but what’s your plan? Are you going to join a gym, start a new exercise class or just try to be a bit more disciplined about what you’re already doing? January is traditionally the time when people start new fitness regimes. The New Year marks a…

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Fit Forever – gentle exercise for the over-50s

Kinesis Pilates and Fitness Studio is launching a new exercise programme for the over-50s in January. Fit Forever is a fun, social and safe way for older people to become more active. The classes have been developed specifically for those with health risk factors or stable chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and bone or joint problems. They are also suitable for people who haven’t exercised for a long…

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Six Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

At first glance, a personal trainer may seem like an expensive investment but, compared to that gym membership you don’t use or the expensive exercise bike now used as a clothes horse, it’s great value for money. Here are six reasons for hiring a personal trainer. Results Exercise can be confusing. Should you lift light weights or heavy, do you need to train for an hour or 20 minutes? Perhaps…

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SMART goal setting

It’s almost the end of the year and, like millions of other people, you’re probably starting to think about what you’ll be doing to get fit in 2015. Everyone starts the New Year full of good intentions but how many of us will still be sticking to our fitness and weight loss resolutions by the end of January let alone the end of the 2015? Resolving to lose weight or…

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A Personal Perspective on Personal Training

I haven’t always been a fitness professional. For a decade I worked as a journalist but a combination of job dissatisfaction and the search for an exercise regime that actually worked led me to a surprise career change. I remember the first time I went into a gym. I was 19 or 20 and home from university for the vacation. The gym, known as The Body Shop, was run by the local council and…

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Give the gift of fitness this Christmas

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? How about helping a friend or family member take their first step towards a healthier lifestyle with a Kinesis gift voucher? Most of us over-indulge at Christmas and then try to compensate by taking up some form of exercise in the new year. Unfortunately the vast majority give up after just a few weeks because they don’t get the results they want. The gym suddenly becomes…

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Fitness over 50

When I was growing up, my grandparents would no more have considered going to the gym than going to the moon. For them, exercise consisted of a walk to the shops or a bit of light weeding in the garden. Looking back, I realise they were only in their late 50s, but to me they seemed ancient. Thirty years ago, that was the norm; for many people, turning 50 marked…

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Let’s roll!

I know there are a lot of people who can’t stand Gwyneth Paltrow but every now and then her lifestyle website, Goop, runs a really interesting article. Last week’s edition carried an article about fascia – the connective tissue that runs through our entire bodies, encasing bones, muscles and organs. It’s definitely worth checking out the link if you want to know more about fascia and how it affects the way we…

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A blustery morning at Praa Sands

I’m fortunate enough to live a few minutes from Praa Sands. Tucked in behind the dunes on the south coast, the sandy beach stretches for a mile and is one of my favourite spots for a run, especially out of season when it’s uncrowded. On a blustery day like today it’s a great location for a brisk walk followed by a warming cuppa at one of the beachside cafes. Since my…

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