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Hanging tough, training smart with TRX

If I were shipwrecked on a desert island and could only take one piece of exercise kit with me the TRX would be it – providing, of course, I had a palm tree on which to anchor it. It’s functional, effective and incredibly portable. I’ve used it at the gym, in the park and even on the top deck of the Queen Mary 2. TRX, which stands for Total Resistance…

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Partner workouts – twice the fun

We all have days when we don’t feel like exercising but working out with a partner is a great way to get motivated and take your fitness to the next level. When you’re training with an exercise buddy, whether it’s a friend, spouse or sibling, there’s always an element of competition to make you push yourself harder. There’s usually lots of encouragement too and, of course, plenty of fun. You…

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A beginner’s guide to stretching

Picture your typical workout. You warm up for 10 minutes, train hard for 50 and then spend a couple of minutes stretching before heading for the shower. Some people don’t even manage that and the result is usually tight, injury-prone muscles. You may find stretching boring but it’s essential for a balanced body and should form an integral part of your fitness programme. There is, however, some confusion. Should you…

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Reform your body with Pilates

Not counting the handful of classes I attended in a village hall where neither I nor the instructor had much idea what we were doing, my first real experience of Pilates was on the reformer. I was working as a journalist in Bermuda at the time and, thanks to bad posture and an even worse office chair, I was suffering from back pain. Someone suggested that Pilates could help so I…

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A boxing circuit

As promised in last week’s post, here’s a quick boxing workout that will get your  heart rate pumping. There are four rounds in the circuit. Each exercise within the round lasts for 30 seconds as does the rest. Once you’ve completed all four rounds, rest for up to two minutes and repeat. I usually do three or four circuits depending on how I’m feeling and how much time I have. I…

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Fighting Fit

From aspiring heavyweight champions to mums looking to get back into shape, boxing is one of the most effective workouts available. A session with the gloves improves both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, builds lean muscle and is an excellent way to improve co-ordination and speed up reflexes. It is also a brilliant means of stress relief. Depending on how hard they work, the average person could burn between 350 and…

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The Six Secrets of Transformation: how to lose weight, get fit and stay that way

You’ve been working out but are becoming frustrated with your lack of progress or perhaps you’re about to begin a fitness and weight loss regime but don’t how to achieve your goals. By incorporating the following six tips into your programme you will transform your body and achieve lasting results. 1. Get motivated Millions of people start fitness programmes each year but the vast majority of them fail to achieve…

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Fitness Myths Debunked

You can tackle your trouble spots with spot reduction Unfortunately you cannot choose where you will lose fat. While performing lots of crunches will help to develop a strong abs, it will not create a six pack if you are carrying too much body fat. In order to create a toned physique, you need to include both cardio and resistance training in your programme. No pain, no gain We all…

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Fit for what?

Why do you exercise? For many people, fitness is a chore, something only to be undertaken when they want to lose weight. But there is much more to exercise than simply shedding pounds. Women are most likely to fall into this trap. We are constantly bombarded with images of super-slim celebrities and articles with headlines such as: ‘How to get a body like X’. When we turn on TV we…

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Winter Workouts

With the cold weather and shorter days, it can be hard to stick to your usual exercise regime. You may be feeling unmotivated and a bit lazy but there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t be swapping your gym gear for a cosy pair of pyjamas. Winter workouts will help you stay in shape as well as produce a general sense of wellbeing that can help ward off the…

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