Reasons to Row

The new season of House of Cards starts this month and it can only mean one thing – it’s time to get onto the rowing machine. Yes, Frank Underwood, Machiavellian politician and now President of the United States, is also an unlikely fitness icon. Rowing away in his Washington basement in the first couple of seasons, he inspired a lot of people to try this often-overlooked piece of fitness equipment.…

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No gym? No problem

Not everyone has a gym membership. In fact not everyone likes the gym but that doesn’t mean you can’t work out. All you need is your own bodyweight and a bit of space. I love bodyweight exercises because you can do them everywhere – in your living room or hotel room, the back garden or the park. What’s even better is that because they require no equipment they’re absolutely free.…

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Take it outside

After days of rain and mizzle it appears that spring may have finally sprung. This morning’s weather tempted me outside for a quick session that included sprints and bodyweight exercises – perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. Spring weather provides the perfect opportunity to shake up your exercise regime by training outdoors. Getting out in the fresh air is fun and challenging and, when it comes to venues, we’re spoilt…

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Spring into 2017!

New Year, new equipment! We’ve just installed four Pilates springboards in the studio. These fantastic pieces of kit are a great way to experience the benefits of the studio equipment. If you enjoy the mat, then you’ll love the springboard. Springboard Evolution – the Cadillac The cadillac, also known as the trapeze or trap table, evolved from the equipment designed by Joseph Pilates while he was working with hospital patients…

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New Pilates Classes for 2017

I will be adding two new Pilates matwork classes to the timetable starting from January 2017. Both classes are suitable for beginners and those with a little experience who would like to improve their technique and learn new exercises in the repertoire. The classes will take place on Mondays at 11am and Tuesdays at 9.30 am. The cost is £48 for a block of six sessions which must be booked…

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Keeping track of your fitness

According to a news story last week, the British Army has issued overweight soldiers with Fitbits to help them lose weight and get themselves fighting fit. My first question was – why are serving soldiers failing routine fitness tests and my second, will a fitness tracker really help them? As I’m not in a position to tackle the first question I thought I’d explore the second. Worldwide sales of fitness…

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September is a great time to get outdoors.

The new January

During the last couple of weeks I’ve been inundated with enquiries and new clients – something that usually only happens at the beginning of the year. Perhaps it’s the fact the holidays are over and everyone is getting back into a routine or maybe people are trying to lose the extra pounds they put on during the summer. Whatever the reason, September is the perfect time to reassess your fitness…

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How to train like an Olympian

The Olympics are in full swing and while you may not be as fast as Usain Bolt, when it comes to training, you can learn a lot from him and his fellow Olympians. Here are our top tips for training like an Olympian. Goal setting Athletes spend years preparing for the Olympics. Their training schedules are planned months in advance with very specific performance goals in mind. While that’s not…

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Pilates – benefits for all

Most of the clients at Joseph Pilates’ New York studio were professional dancers but the everyone can benefit from the method’s precise and controlled, low impact exercises. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone looking to become a little bit fitter, Pilates offers many benefits. Here are just a few: Perfect posture Pilates works the deep postural muscles, improving alignment and creating a sense of length throughout the body.…

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Avoiding excess baggage on your hols

I’m heading off on holiday to Italy next week and have just started planning  what I’m going to pack Shorts? Check. Sundresses? Check. TRX? Check. That’s right, I’m taking my TRX on holiday with me. I’ve been working really hard recently and I don’t want to let my fitness slide. Besides, it’s the perfect piece of exercise equipment for travel – it weighs about a kilo, fits easily into your suitcase and…

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