Run for it!

Running is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get fit. When it comes to routes and scenery, we’re spoiled for choice in Cornwall and now the weather’s warmer, there’s no better time to get started. For many years I hated running. Early experiences with school cross country races left me scarred and even today, the thought of trudging through a muddy field in the depth of an English…

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Exercise injuries – prevention and recovery

For some people, being injured provides the perfect excuse to swap their running shoes for slippers but for keen exercisers, an injury can be an incredibly frustrating experience. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been suffering with a niggling knee injury which, according to my physio, is down to a problem with my patella tendon. I’ve been resting, doing my rehab exercises and putting in a lot of Pilates…

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Ten things I’ve learned from 10 years in the fitness business

Ten years ago I quit my career as a journalist and re-trained as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Here are some of the key things I’ve learned in that time. 1. Fitness should be fun. Exercise isn’t about punishing your body. It’s about celebrating what it can do. Find an activity that you enjoy and you’re half way there, whether it’s heavy lifting or yoga, marathon running or pole…

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Fortysomething Fitness Part Two – Adrenal Fatigue

Have you noticed a bit of extra weight creeping on? Do you need caffeine or carbohydrates to get you through the day? If so may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands are the foundation of the third age hormone system. They produce a number of hormones, most importantly adrenaline and cortisol (otherwise known as the stress hormone). These hormones have impact on all of the body’s systems affecting…

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Fortysomething Fitness Part One – Human Growth Hormone

I’ve recently completed a fantastic course about the perimenopause and while I process the information and start writing new programmes I thought I’d share some insights about the kind of activities we should be doing in order stay fit and healthy as we enter our forties. Today I want to explore the issues surrounding human growth hormone – what it is, how it affects you and what you can do…

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The Midlife Kitchen – a review

I’m always on the lookout for new healthy recipes so imagine my delight when I spotted The Midlife Kitchen. Aimed at those of us in our forties, the book promises recipes that will “future-proof your life through your forties, fifties and well beyond.” The authors are journalist Mimi Spencer, who co-wrote the bestselling Fast Diet, and her friend, Sam Rice. They set out their manifesto at the beginning of the…

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Take the plunge with wild swimming

I’m the first to admit it – I don’t really like swimming. I know it’s an extremely effective form of exercise but to be honest I find trudging up and down the pool boring and the chlorine plays havoc with my skin and hair. Recently, however, I’ve discovered outdoor swimming or as it’s better known these days, wild swimming. It started with a dip in the sea on a hot…

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Walk your way to health

If you’re new to exercise and aren’t sure where to start there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking on a pair of walking boots and heading outside. Walking may not be sexy or trendy but it’s an effective and accessible form of exercise no matter what your age or fitness level. In fact the humble walk has incredible health benefits. A recent study carried out by the University of Cambridge found…

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Joseph Pilates - the man behind the method.

Pilates – not just for girls

‘Pilates is for women.’ ‘I won’t get enough of a workout.’ ‘It’s a bit girly.’ These are just some of the responses I get when I talk to men about Pilates but after an hour on the mat they usually change their mind. While it’s true that the majority of Pilates enthusiasts are women, men are finally wising up to the benefits of this amazing exercise method. Here are just…

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Staying safe in the sun

There’s a heatwave going on (finally) and I wanted to share a few tips for exercising during a hot spell. Having worked as a personal trainer in Western Australia for several years, I know just how challenging it can be but providing you take sensible precautions you can still train safely outdoors. We all know the risks of sunburn but working out during hot weather can also result in a…

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