Who can benefit from exercise at Kinesis?

Fitness means different things to each individual and we can help you to achieve your goals regardless of age and fitness levels. For example, you may want to get in shape for your wedding, run a half marathon or be more actively involved with your grandchildren.

The benefits of regular exercise are well-documented and include improved wellbeing, weight loss, better body shape, reduced stress, more energy and simply feeling good about yourself. Being active also dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes and obesity.

Fitness can be confusing. There is so much conflicting information about exercise that many of us simply don’t know where to start. Cardio or weights? Low or high intensity? One hour or 20 minutes? There is no right answer.

At Kinesis we know that everyone is different. We have different goals, different bodies, different lifestyles. We will help you to find a fitness programme that works for you – a programme that is both effective and enjoyable.

You will achieve faster, safer and more reliable results than training alone. Our one-to-one personal training and Pilates sessions are uniquely designed to match your goals and lifestyle, ensuring your workouts are fun, challenging and effective. Our small classes offer affordable, structured exercise with a group of like-minded people providing support and motivation. 

Whether you choose to train alone or with others, we provide the knowledge, support and guidance you need to achieve improved fitness, health and wellbeing.